Why I love <3 Hand of Purity

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Why I love


You don’t have to be a holy paladin to love this talent. Hand of Purity appears in our 4th tier, it’s instant and has a pretty short 30 second cooldown. Be careful if you are mana starved though it does cost mana.

This is not only a great talent for some particular fights for a Holy spac paladan, but Ret and Prot paladins can pitch in some massive help by taking this talent on a few key fights as well.

Here’s a list of where this talent is useful.


Mogu’shan Vaults

The Stone Guard - Rend Flesh

Feng the Accursed  (Each stacks. Best used at 2+ stacks)
Spirit of the Fist- Lightning Lash
Spirit of the Spear - Flaming Spear
Spirit of the Staff - Arcane Shock


Heart of Fear


Amber-Shaper Un’sok  - Parasitic Growth (Best used towards the end of the debuff)

Blade Lord Ta’yak -Wind Step  - About 30 seconds between casts. Enough to get almost every one

Grand Empress Shek’zeer’s Cry of Terror – when going into the dissonance field. Though, most paladins should be taking Clemency for that fight as the Dissonance field damage is all physical.

Terrace of Endless Spring


Nothing that I know of….


Everything Else


Brewmaster Monk -  Stagger - this is a huge help to your Monk tank and use HoP on every cooldown if possible :-)


What other uses have you found for Hand of Purity in Mists of Pandaria?

Happy healing out there healbots!

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